This is my portfolio site in the making. For now a collection of tests, experiments and actual sites. Some active but most inactive and therefore local. This site is by no means a final product, but a work in progress. I literally started making this site a little over a week ago, first week of march. There will be many errors both in spelling, grammar and general content. Bear with me…you're looking at the construction, not the finished product. Not very profesional of me I know…


I am Andrew Millar, I have been dabbling in webdesign for a decade or so, when possible focusing on standards compliance. Only relatively recently have I added JavaScript to my repertoire. Which to my surprise I like more that I thought I would. I wish I started with it years ago, then now the basics would be…well the basics. I would only have to dive into this months new and upcoming framework that does one specific thing better than all the others out there…repeat for the next month…

for(var i = 0; i < ∞, i++){
  var newMonth = new Month();
  var framework = new Framework();
  while(newMonth == new Month()){
    if(framework == new Framework()) {

By the way here is my github account. Most of the projects on this site are in repositories on bitbucket. I either didn't deem them ready for public scrutiny or thought they were no one else's business.

On this page I will place versions of html/css/javascript related tests and sites built either recently or a while ago. To serve as a kind of live repository of my experimentations and finished products in varying degrees completion and "good lookingness". I know that isn't an existing phrase.


Here's a collection of what I've have done / am doing / have been doing. It's by no means complete but the majority of my old projects have been lost in time…

Css grid

css grid

I was playing with css grid here. Perhaps relatively soon, as browser adoption doesn't take five to ten years like it used to (even though there was a working version in 2012…), we will be able to use css grid in production sites.
I was just playing around here, the possibilities are endless. I don't have a mental map of the possibilities yet. The site will only work in a browser that is, or has been made (see the notes), compatible with the css grid system.

Job Application Work


This is a website I made for a job application. I was given a weekend to make a responsive website from a pdf that I was sent. I wasn’t given any copy or stock images, just the pdf. I cut what I needed from the pdf using GIMP, found a sufficiently similar looking stock image online and adjusted it somewhat to mirror the header image in the pdf, used Lorem ipsum for most of the copy. Bootstrap for the grid system, minimal JS, mosly html/css (I need Sass in my life).

SeaFood Market

SeaFood Market

This was the finished site after finishing the wesbos react.js 'course'. I could obviously have just gone to the end and copied the finished product, I had/have the git repo. You'll just have to trust me that I didn't. Haven't transformed the react knowledge into any working project, will have to go though the course again when I do. I do like react, I just haven't found a worthy project.

De Artisan

Site I made for my wife for a project that didn't get any traction, stopped developing it after that was clear.

Klipper Irene

A site I made for a friend who was trying to sell his huge ship, just a simple one-pager (no longer standalone site, moved to subdomain).

Moderator page mock-up

Moderator page mock-up

Here is a mockup I made for the "werkwel" project I was working with for about 6 months. This was not the product of 6 months of work this was just a mock-up of what part of the finished product could look like. This was the product of the fifth (two week) sprint, I was the only front-end developer. It is missing the most, if not all of the planned, working, features.

Pieter Knorr

A website for an artist, there is a responsive version ready (prefix the page names with mobi and make the first letter capital, like so: but I don't have a good responsive replacement for the image gallery. The site is also in need of a redesign.

BS cheatsheet

beautiful soup cheatsheet

I made as a sort of cheatsheet site when I was working at a company that scraped client sites for use inside the companies widget on the client's site. For some of the scripts I used Beautiful Soup\\. The scripts would later be used by java program to scrape parts of a website, most commonly the navigation header.

Stads Oase

Site I made for an acquaintance, for his B&B. He was quite particular on how he wanted the look and feel, didn't want any of my "antics". That's why it looks kind of quirky. Also somewhat old by now, for internet standards.



For an acquaintance of an acquaintance I made this single page highlighting her primarily Mandala paintings. It was part of an other website but also quite separate.


This was a page I designed and made for a friend and his collective of fellow advisors, based on a icon image and very rough outline made by a relative

css from class/id info

css from html

This is a page which I started making to be able to remove all the unused style from say the bootstrap css framework based on the classes/id's used in markup. This is not as trait forward as I had at first invisioned, with mainly regexp.

Old front page

Old front page

Here is what the front page used to look like until very recently. In lieu of an actual portfolio page, wanted an animated shadow. Not my best execution, I still think it looks sort of cool though. Doesn't work very well on mobile.


My wife's old site which was in use for her photography business. No longer used, clearly also quite old. May be getting an update/redesign in the near future when I can find the time and inspiration.

Hans Busman

An other really old project for an acquaintance of mine for whom I made a website to showcase his art. The website is still live but in dire need of an update and a responsive overhaul, but I don't think the acquaitance cares.



A really REALLY old website. One of my first serious ones, one I was quite proud of at the time, this was perhaps the third iteration. It was originaly meant to resemble the style of the steam client at the time. I made it for a tiny gaming clan my friends and I had.


Curriculum Vitae

For a dutch crowd I have included a CV. You'll notice the absence of any formal IT training, I'm a biologist who got lost on the way to the lab and found a second calling.

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