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What Do We Stand For

We are proud to announce the creation of a new clan, the R.A.F. clan. This will be a day to remember, you were there, the start of the most legendary shooter clan ever. I can hardly find the words to discribe my fealings...but I think I'll give it a shot; total and utter boredom. OK, thats not fair, I am a little enthousiastic...mainly about the look of the site, but I guess I'll get over that.
What does this mean, yet an other clan? What do we have to offer our members? Well, I think I'll mention our clan motto because all our logic follows this simple creed; Nothing! Yes, it may sound simple but we believe nothing is the answer to everything. The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything to which Douglas Adams claimed 42 was the answer, but nothings seems just so much more plausable... Thus Nothing is our motto and clan policy, and we stand by our values.

But seriously, I'm not expecting a large community to form around our clan...simply put we have started with 3 members and the reality that there will be more is not a very likely one. A good reason why there would be no community is the lack of a nice forum but I made one of those also...see the Forum Tab at the top, mostely in dutch but hey be my guest to post anything you have to say. So I guess the reason will be that no one getts to see the website and the ones that do think it sux as much as the Amsterdam hookers...well if you are one of those people then BOOHOO, up yours and bugger off.
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Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 15-01-2007

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