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Who Are We

You may wonder who are part of the R.A.F collective, well all you have to do is continue reading and you may find out a little more. (Perhaps after a while the guys will want to place their own info here, for now I will do my best as to give a truthful biography)


Adriana Lima Mister Officer is a young man in the prime of his life working to improve the overall fitness of his patients. That takes up a lot of his time, when he can find the time away from his work and he has a gap in his social agenda he can be found ingame, doing absolutely nothing for all the godforsaken time! This is why he likes Day of Defeat much better that Counter Strike: Source, because you can camp without getting slaped by an Admin. He's not that bad, every now an then (especially when there are no more snipers allowed) he will help with a flag capture/defending.
(I recently changed his "Avatar" because he didn't like the last one...)

Gubert (D@rthsister)

Xander de Buisonje Gubert (yes, from "Allo allo" for those of you who were wondering and D@rthsister as a parody on Darthvader, duh) is also such striking young man in the prime of his life, he has to beat away the ladies with a stick (that's b4 they get to know him...:P) or he would be smothered. Every once and again one of them sticks but you can really only be with a single woman for a certain amount of time, isn't that so mate ;). Beside the ladies he likes wearing blue and playing with guns (but really who doesn't like the ladies?).
InGame he's something of a do it all kind of guy; nothing, as in camping, or rushing, as in catching the first grenade...


Jack Black Well, so I guess I'm going to have to be honest about myself, well ok, just for now. I'm an old fart, well, that's what I think. Maybe I feel that way because the big "three O" is getting real close, but I'll not bore everyone (who?) with my quarterlife crisis. Beside that I'm STILL studying (not to much longer now), and you will be able to find me behind my computer (if the GF doesn't demand my presence on the couch drinking Earl Grey). Behind the computer I'll mostly be doing one of two things, either Counter Strik Source or Day of Defeat. With CSS I'm a incurable rusher, which doesn't do my KPD much good, in DoD I'll be found behind a sniper rifle or assaulting the hell out of the opposition. Favorite map in CS:S is Office and in DoD Avalanche.

Counter Strike: Source Day of Defeat