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Slowly But Surely

Again some changes, I'm not jet sure if they are improvements...perhaps I have to get used to them. I made the tabs at the top flexible, fluid as it is known in jargon. This means that, seemingly, the background image can increase in size when the contents increase. I didn't think up this method all on my own, although I did reinvent a similar method for the background of the main content. The method for the top tabs I got here; the sliding doors method... I got closer and at the same time further away from the STEAM theme, closer because of the rounded tabs further because of the fade effect behind the tabs. I'm still not sure that I'm going to keep it because I don't know I did it only because I could or because I thought it was better. Anyway....
Also, I moved the messages to their own page because I wonted a more clean front page...I only don't have a clue what to put on it jet...
These changes didn't come easy, I think because the most of my writing I do after twelve/one/two o'clock, and little mistakes are easy to miss. I guess I need to drink more coffee, I can't find a Jolt distributor here jet...(2 am)

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 03-02-2007

Flashy much?

Nice right? The new headers, I like um, otherwise I wouldn't have changed them of course...strange how I didn't really change anything to the code of the site but it looks much better. In a way the look of you site is not so much dependent on you coding skills (although it does help) but more on your skills with a graphics program and your inspiration. If you extend that thought you could say that there are bound to be sites out there that look really nice but are a mess if you take a look at the code. The same goes the other way, sites that are boring or even ugly but are designed beautifully. And you will find examples of these. The W3C site for instance is utterly ugly and these are the people that should be the most knowledgeable about web related programming. Beautifully looking and designed sites are of course also well represented, the CSS ZenGarden has a archive of really nice sites.
So the next time you see an ugly or plain looking site, take a look at the code because it could actually be a really pretty site...
Upcoming changes; nicer graphic for the logo, and better looking tab links...don't worry will not make it to fancy...

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 01-01-2007

Nice Border?

Do you see it? No? Look closer...CLOSER...aahh never mind. Maybe this will jog your memory, or this is the first time you've been here of course..It took some time but everything in CSS that isn't strait forward is complicated for me, it took me some time to get it right, but it looks good now. I hope you (who?) like it also, if not then you can piss off! Or tell me about it.

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 28-01-2007

Drop me a message

I finaly got around to making a kind of guest book, its more that you (who?) can opject to my insane rambling on a more personal note, that you can inform the people reading reading this site (who?!) what you think of me and all that. Well as long as it doesn't get spammed to much...if it does I'll take it back ofline...

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 24-01-2007

Some more Adjustments

I made a few small adjustments to the site. The visible ones are the buttons on the top, for the language selection. I thought the other ones looked a bit tacky. That's if you are using Firefox, if Internet Explorer is your preferred browser (YOU MORON!!!) then there will be a mayor change. Because now the header in Internet Explorer will look almost exactly as it does in Firefox and Opera. Strangely enough I found some of the CSS interpretation in IE7 more predictable than in Firefox or Opera (I had a tiny change between to almost identical sites in Opera only due to the difference between strict and transitional DOCTYPE), but then again I'm not all that familiar with the exact CSS specifications. Other changes to the CSS; did a little cleaning and added a few comments to make my life a little easier, hopefully.
I also dicided that it would be better if I placed the meaages in the reverse order so you would not have to scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the new messages, I'm just that kind of guy...
Not much online action, played Counter Strike with D@rth$i$ter for about one and a half hours and didn't do all that bad till I got to Dust2, then I began to suck, but I quit in time to not get all that frustrated...

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 23-01-2007

Site Adjustments

I've been busy with a few alterations I wanted to make to the exterior and interior of the site, even though the only alteration that actually worked (and was way the easiest) was a mail form, which you can reach with the "Mail" link at the bottom of the page. With this visitors (who?) of the site can send the administrator of the site (moi) a message without having to know their email address. This is important because I don't wont to post my email address on the site in plain view. The reason why I don't want to do this is because spam mailers have autonomous programs that search the web for email addresses, and they would be able to find one posted on my page really easily, and I would have to deal with a shit load of spam in my email box.
Things that so far haven't proven as easy are a guestbook (although it should be...) for comments on the page, some better graphics fore the menu and some automation options. At closer inspection the last modification would require PHP or ASP, something I have little understanding of and which isn't allowed on the simple webserver of the provider I'm using, so this will have to wait until I have my own domain and better server space, not to mention a little more knowledge of PHP (ASP is from MS and PHP is opensource...the choice is an easy one). The guestbook part shouldn't be a problem, although I'm not sure I want to use a GCI Perl script... it’s so 20ste century... :P

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 21-01-2007


I can be so utterly irritated by my own actions sometimes, I'm playing fine for maybe an hour or more and then all of a sudden for no clear reason it all goes wrong. I get killed 10 times in a row without getting one kill and catch a few grenades with my face….by this time I'm so irritated that the only reason I don't destroy my monitor with my keyboard is that the GF is sleeping behind me…I type a few WTF and FFS and then OMG to top it off, not that it helps anything, it just gets worse. The only solution would be is to quit, but I’m to agitated at that time to give up...all the time my score gets worse and then eventually I quit and my KPD ratio is somewhere near 0.3 and I’m depressed. That was 30 minutes ago…I’m kind of over it by now...

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 17-01-2007


OK, this may sound utterly stupid for a clan with 3 members but I created a forum . Contrary to what I thought it was quite easy to do and free of cost besides. is a site that will let you create your own forum in a matter of minutes and lets you customize it quite extensively. I've been tweaking the colors a little but this appeared to be less easy that starting the forum, perhaps I should have been looking for some kind of tutorial on the help pages or I should just have used one of the few hundred templates but I wanted it to have the look of the rest of the site. Its not 100% correct by a long shot but its getting there, when I have the urge to tweak it some more I may be able to get it a little better, but that’s for a later date.
I also created a few sub-fora for discussions on various topics, not that I’m anticipating large crowds running to there computers to log in, to comment on pressing matters in my forum. I think I’ll do a little jig when I get my first (if ever) post that was not put there by me or a clan mat. As of now the only visitor to the forum was a GoogleBot. The other members of the clan aren't even members of the forum jet, perhaps I'm more enthusiastic about it then they are... Anyway, three cheers for meaningless discussions on the forum.

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 17-01-2007


Why is it that almost every time I am playing DoD I always have the feeling I’m the only one doing anything constructive…as if the rest are just headless zombies walking around with no direction or intelligence; I’m just going to site here, where no one comes and aim at somewhere without hope of ever being able to hit an opposing player, but hey who cares because I love losing….
I’m quite capable of being utterly egotistical but while I’m playing DoD I always feel like I’m the only team-player in the team.

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 16-01-2007

New Start

There appears to be enough enthusiasm for the creation of the clan after one single day that the existence of clan R.A.F is now a fact, how pleased we should be with this fact however is still under debate. Eventually an outcome will become clear even though now it still seems murky. As of now the clan consists of MrOfficer, Gubert (D@rthsister) en Sl4rtyb4rtf4st (yours truly) . No rank has been set and it is unlikely it will be set seeing we hardly listen to each others commands anyway.
I will be supplying the meager amount of readers with short messages every now and again, clan related, game related or just unrelated to anything known to man today. Call it a blog (you would be wrong) call it useless (you could be right) call it a waste of anyone’s time, call it whatever you please, I don’t really care as there is no possibility for readers comments.
Oh, and if you notice a spelling or grammar error here and there, write it on a little note with the correction, wait till you have to use the lavatory for a number two and wipe your ass with it!

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 15-01-2007

Yet an other meaningless addition to the already bloated community

Who knows perhaps the large Clan community will get an addition; the R.A.F clan, no this does not stand for "Rote Armee Fraction", neither does it stand for the "Royal Air Force", strange enough, it stands for the Rik Andrew and Frans clan. Yes, very original, we used our initials to spell our clan name.
Now what exactly do we want to achieve with this bold move? In one word; nothing! Absolutely nothing, and I think that is a really appropriate motto for our clan. We have no ambition 'what so ever' other than having some fun while playing our favorite online shoters Counter Strike: Source and Day of Defeate. We also have no clan policy, one is an incurable camping dick and the other loves suicidaal long as we are having fun during, it’s OK, it’s good.

By the way, this site looks better (like it should look) viewed in either the Firefox or Opera browser (assuming you are using Windows), as IE (Internet Explorer, even IE7) has trouble with the interpretation of CSS (Microsoft could have made a good browser after all this time but apparently choose not to do so for reasons only known to them and illiterate insane homicidal maniacs without tongs).

Sl4rtyb4rtf4st 14-01-2007


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